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  Minutes                                                          Agenda

  Draft minutes of meetings are published within 28 days of each council or committee   meeting.

  The draft minutes are then confirmed/approved by the council or committee at the following   meeting.

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Coronavirus Contingency Committee

In accordance with the the Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority Meetings) (England) Regulations 2020, Hemsworth Town Council’s meetings will be online/virtual meetings (using the Zoom app) for the foreseeable future. The meetings are still public meetings so members of the public still have the right to ‘attend’. Therefore, if you wish to ‘attend’ an online/virtual meeting, please email the town clerk – clerk@hemsworthcouncil.co.uk – and the details will be emailed to you. However, as with regular/physical council meetings, members of the public are spectators, not participants, and can only remain in the public part of the meeting. Members of the public would have to leave the meeting for the ‘exclusion of press and public’ part of the meeting (as happens with regular/physical council meetings). If you have any queries, please contact the town clerk.

                              Town Council Meeting


                       Annual Town Council Meeting



                             Annual Town Meeting





                       Special Town Council Meeting



                     Leisure & Recreation Committee



                                Leisure Committee


   Minutes - 06/01/2015                                                         
   Minutes - 24/02/2015
   Minutes - 14/04/2015
   Minutes - 02/06/2015
   Minutes - 14/07/2015
   Minutes - 08/09/2015
   Minutes - 20/10/2015
   Minutes - 05/01/2016
   Minutes - 23/02/2016
   Minutes - 12/04/2016
   Minutes - 07/06/2016
   Minutes - 19/07/2016


                             Recreation Committee


                               Finance Committee



  •                        Special Finance Committee  


 Policy and Planning Committee


                           Special Policy Committee


  Minutes - 13/02/2018

                           Staffing Committee